Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thoughts on a Cold Sunday in February...

It's a cold Sunday in the upper half of the United States. The streets are relatively quiet, the ground is frozen solid; where there's snow it's not melting, where there's none the grass crunches under your feet. Whiffs of smoke stream from rooftop vents as the overworked furnaces below struggle to maintain a comfortable environment.

There's nothing good on TV. The football season officially ended yesterday with the AFC's victory in the Pro Bowl. I could watch King Kong on HBO but do I really want to waste my afternoon following a lovesick ape-on-steroids? I don't think so. The cable news channels seen to be locked into a handful of stories: Anna Nicole Smith's sadness, Barack Obama's announcement that he's running for President (now there's a surprise) and the shocking reports that there's a lot of snow in upstate New York in February! Remember that all-news radio slogan "Give me twenty-two minutes and I'll give you the world."? Well, I gave them their twenty-two minutes and I'm done.

I knew that I could count on my old Wrong. I've heard the same batch of songs on the oldies station over and over. You know, they play some now more than they played them when they were contemporary hits! Trust me, I know...I was one of those jocks who played them back then. The talk stations are running repeats of some of their weekday programs, which I've already heard, the CHR stations are airing songs that give me a headache, the AC stations are putting me to sleep and other stations are running commercial programming about pets, weight loss or how I can make money in real estate! My goodness how radio has changed. I've read the paper and I've scanned the Internet. What is one to do? But wait, I've found a good book...and I've got just the right tunes on my...iPod. Life is good.

Stay warm. Have a good day and let's visit again tomorrow.

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