Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Clock Is Ticking

I just learned that a station in Texas has decided that the answer to declining listenership is to play more music and no commercials. That's right...more music and NO COMMERCIALS! You've gotta love these people. Let's see...more music. Hmmm. They think that's a NEW idea? Didn't Bill Drake design his jingle package around those two words in 1968?

When will they ever realize that the thing that they've eliminated is personality? Today's music stations have no soul...and I don't mean Motown. And the announcers that they do have on the air sound unprofessional...juvenile....prepubescent. Why would up, professional jocks, with balls (I'm sorry but there's no better way to describe it.), playing the hits, work 'way back when' and not today? Of course they would. It's just that they might cost a few bucks and many of today's radio execs are more concerned with short term gain than long term profit.

Once talent was an important part of a valued their air people and they were treated with dignity. The new breed of radio management believes that they are the most expendable part of their stations. Boy have they screwed things up.

Guys...people can get MORE MUSIC on their Ipods. They can crank out the hits faster than you can program your Prophet. And they're not stupid. They know that when you say no commercials you really mean camouflaged commercials. They know you're a for profit business and they understand how you make your money.

For crying out loud, look around you. You have given your audience a reason to look elsewhere. There's NOTHING unique on your stations. When I got into the business, jocks were important. Afternoon drive was as crucial as morning drive. Now...not so much. You have got to return personality to radio.'s the thing that you can give your listeners that they won't get anywhere else. I really believe that if you don't, the downward slide will continue and you will reach a point when it is too late. The clock is ticking.

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