Friday, May 9, 2008

If Only My Dad Had Been President...

Is anyone else sick of this political season?

Or is it just me?

What really bothers me is that we lack a dynamic choice! It's like having to decide between McDonald's, Burger King or Hardees! Not matter what you're still getting a hamburger with mustard, ketchup and a pickle.

Have you ever wondered why all the people who should run for the presidency never do?

I've known people, in my life, who would have been incredible presidents.

Heck, my late dad had more intelligence, common sense and love for this country than any president we've had in the last twenty years.

You're laughing.

You think that I'm saying that because he was my dad.


I said it because he was a poor Irish kid from Fall River Massachusetts who lost his mom when he was a child and was raised by his hard working father. Most times life was a struggle. There were no hand-outs. Every success was earned.

He was never satisfied with 'good' grades. They had to be the 'best' grades.

A scholastic scholarship took him through Brown University where he was All-New England in Soccer, President of his Class and Phi Beta Kappa.

He worked his way through Boston University law school and graduated with honors.

Then he passed the bar on his first try.

The war was raging and before he had a chance to frame his law degree he was drafted.

These days lawyers are made officers and placed in the Judge Advocate Generals office. That wasn't the case in least not for him. With all of his talents and achievements, they made him a Private.

But for dad, it was just another challenge. Within months he was in OCS and by the time they were shipping him to off to France, he was an Artillery officer.

He and his men followed the fighting through Normandy, Belgium and into Germany. And he didn't have the luxury of firing his Howitzers from a safe distance behind the front lines.

You see, dad was a forward observer.

His job was to go behind enemy lines and to call in 'fire missions'.

Trust me, it was not a job to be envied.

He left the service with the rank of Captain, married the prettiest girl in Massachusetts and, like every good Irish Catholic man, had a large family.

He dabbled in politics and was even invited by then Senator John Kennedy to work in his presidential campaign. But he preferred being with his family and building his successful law practice.

I can remember asking him why he didn't run for higher office and he said that it was too corrupt...that politics was filled with the wrong kind of people.

And his opinion didn't change.

Until the day he died, I'm sure that there wasn't a politician in the world who impressed him.

So...we never had a President John J. Harrington and that was our loss.

And I'm sure that there are other John Harrington's out there, past and present, who felt or feel the same way.

So what are we left with?

The opportunists...the snake oil salesmen...the charlatan's.

You don't believe me?

Take a real good look at the three choices that we have for president this year...I mean... A REAL GOOD LOOK.

Then tell me I'm wrong.

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