Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"60 The New 40-Yah, Right"

Who was it that came up with the saying...."60 is the new 40"? I hear it everywhere. We baby-boomers are desperate to keep our youth, aren't we?

Now, I have to tell you that it was only yesterday that we were the future...the 'new generation'. Suddenly....we're our grandparents! Sheesshh! The old adage...'time flys'...was really true. It does! My parents used to tell me to 'take care of your body'. Of course I did what every kid does....I laughed and ignored their advice. I was thinking about that just this morning as I was going into Physical Therapy.

I didn't know that I could hurt in some of the places where I hurt! Sometimes I think that if I were a horse...they'd take me outside and shoot me....or maybe ship me off to the glue factory. And all the aches and pain cut into the much talked about and needed physical activity. Try running...jogging...or even walking with bad knees (thank you football). Now, your physician may tell you to "get out and walk"...but he's not the one walking. Plus I think that it's part of the script that they have to's required doctor dialog.

And when you're not as active as you were 'way back when'...the gut seems to grow. Ah...the 'gut'. My late father used to refer to it as 'an appending avalanche of lard." It was funny, when I was a youthful little brat...but now...not so much.

But, then again, I'm lucky. I can still look down and see my feet...although I must admit that they're slowly disappearing over the horizon.

Don't get me wrong. I'll take growing older, with all of the aches and pains...the girth (in the waist :) ...the limitations...over the alternative of not being here.

But "60 being the new 40"...I don't think so. It had to be a line created by someone who's 75.

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