Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We deserve so much better than what we've got.

I just finished reading an amazing book by Boston Radio Talk show host and newspaper columnist, Howie Carr. Without going into a long book review, it's about corruption in government and it's connection to the worst of organized crime. It's so revealing, so stark and so dark, I felt as if I needed a shower when I finished reading it. It's locale was Boston, but it could have been any city. Boston is not the exception. I'm afraid that it's the rule.

And I found myself thinking about the state of our country in 2007. What would our founders think of what we've become? "Government of the people, by the people and for the people..."...isn't that how it goes? But are the politicians thinking about people or power. I'm afraid the answer is power. Are there any more honest men or women in government? I don't know. After reading Carr's book, I have my doubts. It would appear to me that as long as they can keep the electorate riled up, the better it is for them.

"Keep the masses angry and distracted and they'll never realize what a rotten job we're doing."

"They'll never catch on that we haven't solved the thirty year old fuel problem."

"They'll never realize that our borders are as porous as the screen on their back door."

"They'll never notice that we haven't fixed an unfair and long broken tax system."

"They'll never see that we've ignored a third rate health care system that is ruining people on a daily basis."

"Keep them fighting...Democrat against Republican. Never give them time to remember that they are all Americans...and that, that common bond is far greater than any of their political differences."

Today congress is pointing, with glee, to the President's latest popularity poll result. His approval rating is 33%...the lowest since...I don't know...Harold Stassen. What they're not mentioning, and they hope that you don't find out, is that the approval rating for Congress is 29%....that's right 29%. They're all NOT DOING THEIR JOBS.

It is this writer's sincerest hope that the American people take a long hard look at what these scoundrels have done to this wonderful country of ours. I pray that the populace will examine every elected official's record...I mean...really take a long hard look at what it is that these people have done. And then...when the voters uncover the low life...they "through the bums out"...and maybe a few of them even into jail. If you think that I'm over-reacting then I'd suggest that you read Howie Carr's book too.

We deserve so much better than what we've got.

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