Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Really...The Proposed Immigration Law Is Bad ...

Would someone tell me how illegal immigration is a good thing for our country?

I know...I've heard all the arguments...

"You can't displace all those undocumented workers!"

Wait...when did illegal immigrants become undocumented workers?

Hey folks it's advertising...they're telling you a duck is a swan! No, no....undocumented workers are illegals. They're breaking the LAW! The duck is a duck.

"But they're doing jobs that Americans won't do."

Who says? Where the heck did that come from? Maybe they won't do it for buttons and beads...but if you paid the legal minimum, I'll bet that you wouldn't have a problem finding American workers.

"Well heck...the legal can't be serious."

Why have a legal minimum wage if everyone isn't required to pay it? Why have labor laws if you can circumvent them at your own discretion? Why have a border if you don't protect it?

I had a small business. There were times when my employees got paid and I went home with nothing. That happened because I had labor laws that I had to follow. There were legal requirements that I had to adhere to. Why is it okay for employers of illegals to break the law?
The isn't.

This terrible immigration law is wrong. Not because I'm against immigration. I'm strongly in favor of immigration. Like many of you, my ancestors were immigrants. They followed the rules and spent time in places like Ellis Island. They studied the customs and became Americans.

If there was a long line waiting to get into a restaurant or concert, would it be okay for people who can't afford to pay to jump the fence and take empty seats? Hell know. There are people who are following the process, doing all that is required, with the hope of becoming a legal citizen. Some have waited for years. Is illegal immigration fair to them? I don't think so.

I do think that the road to legal immigration needs to be streamlined. But illegal immigration can not be condoned.

" can't just ship 12 million people back to their country."

Oh yah...why not? I'll bet that the cost of sending people back to their home country via first class air fair would be much cheaper than what it's going to cost to give them what this horrendous immigration bill proposes. And yes...I did say first class air fare. We wouldn't be sending them to prison. We'd be delivering them back to their home country.

We have to stop trying to normalize illegal immigration. It's against the law, it will hurt our country and it's wrong. Our politicians in Washington have got to vote down this proposal.

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