Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life Gets In The Way

Funny how life seems to get in the way of your plans. I was certain, back in 2009, that I was going to diligently return to regular blogging. But, as you can see, I failed miserably. Sorry. A lot of things happened between my last entry and today. But every time I was 'sure' that I was going to write about them, something interfered and it didn't happen. Since the last post and today... I can tell you that I 'retired'...sort of. I'm tentative about it because...well...I'm not certain this retirement is permanent. I'm a media veteran...I've worked in radio and television for years...and I must admit that if the right opportunity availed itself, I'd have to give it very serious consideration. I loved my work. And, after all, it's hard to stop a race horse from running. I'll admit that I'm very fortunate. I don't need the job...I've had a good career and I did something that, unfortunately, many of my radio peers didn't do. I saved. So...I don't need to 'get' that next job. But...I'm still looking.
And you know what happens to some people in retirement? They gain weight! Really. It happened to me. Suddenly I was the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Sheesshh. It's one of the problems with unplanned retirement. You have plenty of time to 'eat junk'. And you don't realize how big you're getting. It's like, one day you go to bed your old trim self and the next day you're the 'Round Mound of Sound'. It's like you're a human Chia Pet. Just add food and puuff! I mean, when I realized what had happened, I honestly thought that I was having an allergic reaction to something. And I FOOD! I avoided mirrors like Dracula and when there was a group picture, I got in the back...the WAY maybe Cleveland. I convinced myself that all my cloths were shrinking. Maybe it was the detergent I was using. Finally, this past Christmas, my younger daughter, Jill, decided that my weight problem had to be brought to my attention. She was afraid that it was becoming a dangerous health issue...and she was right. And how did she do that? She made sure that she snapped the most honest...the most unflattering pictures of yours truly, opening his Christmas gifts. I couldn't believe the shots she got! It looked like she had captured images of a hairless Sasquatch and he was in our living room, opening gifts! Yikes! What happened? What had caused me to gain so much weight? Was it depression. Maybe just a little. I didn't like having so much time on my hands. And I guess I was a little bummed. But anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not a 'depressed' kind of guy. When I'm down, I work my way through it. I mean, sometimes you have to fight your way out of depression. We all get down...every one of us. I've always pulled myself out of it. It's what I do. But there I gas bag short of a blimp!
Suddenly, this past holiday season, I was faced with some pretty 'heady' decisions. I had to take back my life...while I had it. I was no longer the young man who could 'whip' himself back into shape...or at least so I thought. I searched for the right diet...and I settled on Weight Watchers Online for Men. It was right for me. I'm not a 'meetings' kind of guy. I can't relate to a roomful of ladies effervescing over being down a dress...or bra size. With this diet, it was all me and the online program. I've always made my life 'course corrections' myself. I left college in 1969 for a career in radio and as I matured, I realized that, even though I didn't need the degree...I missed not having it. So in 2004 I went back to school online (trust me, it's harder then attending classes) and worked my gluteus maximus off. I earned three years of college credit in less than two years. And in 2006 I received my Bachelor's degree (with honors, I might add) from Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey...a wonderful, fully accredited, institution designed to give adult students a 'second chance' at the apple. I wrestled through those two years and I did it. Now I had to do the same thing with my weight...and my health.
On January 2nd 2012 I did something that I hadn't done in YEARS...literally. I stepped on to a scale...and damned near broke it. From that point on, things were going to change. I learned the diet and followed it religiously. I carry the little Weight Watcher's computer with me where ever I go and use it constantly. And on January 9th, I started exercising...7.5 miles in 35 minute, every day, on the recumbent stationary Level 4, I might add. I figured that if I lived through it, I'd start to lose. And I did and continue to do so. As of yesterday, March 23rd, I've lost 43 pounds. How much do I want to lose. Try 100 pounds, so I've a way to go. But, the good news is that I haven't been that thin since 1977. Most of my adult life, I've been around 30 pounds lighter than I am now, so...I'm getting closer. And it feels good. I love the fact that I've taken control of my life again. I was careening down the road of life, headed for disaster. Now, I've got things under control...sort of. I mean, life's always throwing you curve balls. Surprises are to be expected. Am I still retired? Well, I'm writing my books ('Squeeze Play' and 'Strike at the Giant')...and returning to this blog. I do voice-over commercial work and I'm open to new broadcasting opportunities. Oh and I'm rediscovering my old trimmer self and some neat clothes that have been 'hiding' in the back of my closet.
The piece de resistance came when I told my 9 year old grand-daughter and 7 year old grandson that I was starting the diet . They were ecstatic. I didn't realize that my weight gain was even noticed by them. I mean, they still loved me and never said a word while I was ballooning. But they were as happy as can be when I told them what I was doing. And it has given me more impetus to continue.
Well...that's about it...for now. I'm glad to be back. And I look forward to adding more entries in he near future. And thank you for taking the time to read this little tome.

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