Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is It Just Me Or What?

Tell me...would our ancestors have given a rat's rear end about Rosie and her tirades? Think about the grand scheme of things, how important is her bombastic opinion?

For that matter...why do we tune in by the millions to watch American Idol, which is nothing more than The Original Amateur Hour on steroids and with bad manners...yet only a fraction of that audience watches the news. (By the way, I think Ted Mack would have a copyright infringement case, if he were alive today.)

And what the heck is going on in Washington? On one hand they're telling us that their top priority is to keep us safe from future terrorists attacks...but then they embrace an immigration bill that would leave us more vulnerable than ever!

They pass a bill that would build a 700 mile border wall...but they build only two miles! And now they're talking about reneging on that too.

Do you ever get the feeling that the world is losing it's mind?

Kids can tell you who sings what song but they can't tell you who the Vice President of the United States is.

They think Tony Blair is a member of an English rock band!

I swear that most people have all but forgotten the horror of 9-11. We act like it never happened...but it did...on a beautiful September morning.

We don't want to believe that bad people want to do bad things to us...but they do. While we've buried our proverbial heads in the sand, our enemies have never lost sight of their conversion and domination of the world.

We ring our hands about Abu Grab and Guantanamo . We allow the world to scold our troops, the best and most humane group of fighting men and women ever, over their treatment of their prisoners yet we ignore the vicious, brutal acts of our enemy.

What is going on?

I have a bad feeling about where we're going as a society. People who know me, know that I'm not a pessimist. But you'll have to admit that it's hard to be positive about the direction of this great country.

I supported the current occupant of the White House. I defended him through thick and thin. But recently he has capitulated, vacillated and equivocated. He has become the typical politician that I had hoped he would never be.

And without a dynamic, strong leader, during these treacherous times, simply put, we're screwed.

Normally, at this stage in my life I wouldn't care. More of the road of life is behind me than in front of me. What happens to this country probably won't effect me. But I have two beautiful grandchildren. They're going to have to live in the world that we leave them. We've got to continue to care.

To hell with Rosie, American Idol and all of the other insignificant distractions. We've got to get serious again. We've got to pay attention to the important things in life...the things that could potentially change our society...or eliminate it altogether.

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