Monday, October 8, 2007

So...Where Was I?

Time flies when you're having fun. I didn't mean to be away from my blog for as long as I've been...but there's this thing called 'life' and, know how it goes.

But I'm back and there's much to talk about. anyone sick of the presidential campaign yet?

I know I am. And we're not even into the 'meat' of the race yet. Yikes!! Do we ever really get what we're promised by these people? I mean think about it. Since the days of Washington we've been pledged one thing or another and usually we get bupkus!

"Vote for me and there will be a Chicken in every pot." Yah....right. Their motto should be

"Vote for me and when I'm elected I'll forget that you exist!"

You would think that 'no brainer' things would be taken care of right away.

Border protection....done.

Revision of the tax system and maybe a flat tax...implemented.

A fair and fully functional health care place.

A revamp of the immigration system so that it streamlines legal immigration and discourages illegal problem.

A "Manhattan Project" approach to the national fuel problem so that the problem is fixed in two years and not twenty...absolutely.

Become the world leader and example for a cleaner and healthier environment....why not.?

A full frontal assault on the worlds deadliest diseases...we're on it.

I could go on and on. These seem to make so much sense. Don't you ever wonder why a man becomes the President of the United States and then turns his back on these common sense issues? Would any of the current Presidential contenders be any different or are they all full of hot air?

I guess I've become cynical in my old age. I've been around the block and I've seen the neighborhood. I've been promised so much by contenders and winners alike and I've received so little for my support. Taxes are as they were when I was a kid, inflation has devalued my dollar, health care is a devastating problem, we're fighting the same diseases and my car still relies on oil from people who would rather see me dead!

And the Congress is useless. I mean they spend more time rebuking a talk show host then they do addressing the real issues; the ones that affect us all. It's so frustrating. What kind of world will my grand-children inherit? Isn't it our job to improve our world before we pass it on?

Forget complaining about all the things that George Bush did or didn't do. Basically he's history. What was done can't be changed. What can be addressed is who will sit in the Oval Office when George is an ex-President. And for Heavens sake don't elect a president because he or she would be 'neat' to have in office. Really examine the issues and their positions on areas of concern that affect you.

Our greatest Presidents would never have been elected today. I mean do you really think that Abe Lincoln would have been TV friendly....I don't think so. Franklin Roosevelt hid his paralysis for most of his political career. You couldn't do that today. We seem to vote for our President based on how they look on the boob tube...isn't that rather superficial? I think so.

We have got to wake up as a society and vote for honest and true people who will 'wage the good fight'. If we don't...then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves for what we get.

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